Gemini Pest Control

About Us

Gemini Pest Control is a company that provides fast and reliable pest control to homes and businesses in Tennessee. We started out simply protecting houses, but quickly grew into something much bigger- so we took on the responsibility of growing our business even more through partnerships with other companies who can provide excellent customer care!

Our History


Pest control is a tough business and we know it because our company has been in the industry for years. You can trust us to keep your home free of pests!

How It Works

We are committed to our customer's success from
start to finish.

We want to exceed everyone’s expectations and provide excellent service in a caring way. 

We feel the same way about our pest control technicians. So we do our best to give them an appropriate work-life balance so that each job can get done right!

Our Main Service


Free Inspection

Fast pest removal

Friendly support

Licensed & protected

5 Star Protection

Guaranteed Service


Best pest control at very affordable rates

24/7 Customer Care

For Emergency Service

Pest control when you need it!