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Professional Bat Removal

Professional bat removal is the best method to eliminate bats from your home or workplace. Three steps are required to get rid of bats from your home or office with Gemini Pest Control. We first inspect your property to confirm that bats are present. Then, we will create a bat control program that will safely eliminate the problem. We will then discuss your bat control plan and answer any questions you may have.

How did I get bats?

Bats can enter homes, condos, and apartment buildings by digging holes. Bats most often enter buildings through roof edges. Bats can squeeze into holes as small and as narrow as 3/8″‘. The majority of areas will be at least 8 feet above the ground. Bats prefer to live two floors higher.

Why is it so difficult to get rid of bats?

The majority of bats you will see are worker bats that forage for food. They may travel great distances to reach your workplace or home in search of food. The bats leave behind chemicals and pheromones which other bats can use to track you home. It will be a continuous battle. To exterminate the bat colony from your attic, it is better to call professional pest control companies.

Bat in Tennessee

What are the signs of a bat infestation?

Because they live high up, it is difficult for most people to reach them or even know they are there. Bats can transmit rabies and are dangerous to handle. Their droppings may contain diseases. It is not a good idea to poison them or trap them in your home. This type of wildlife removal should only be handled by professionals. We offer bat removal in Tennessee so contact us if you need some bats removed.

How can I prevent the return of bats?

Gemini Pest Control is a company that has extensive experience in bat removal. They can help you prevent future infestations. Gemini Pest Control will remove the bats and prevent them from returning.