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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are not only common in Tennessee. There are many ways cockroach infestations may begin, depending on which species they are.

Tennessee’s most loved cockroach species include the Brownbanded and Oriental varieties, Turkestan, American, German, and Turkestan varieties. While all roaches share some similarities, there are many differences. Gemini Pest Control technicians tailor cockroach treatments to each species.

Cockroach infestation

Many roaches can get into homes and buildings via the sewer openings, or by hitchhiking in boxes, furniture, and electronic equipment. Each species of cockroach has a different cause. These are facts about common cockroaches in Tennessee:

  • Brownbanded Cockroaches prefer warm, dry places and to nest indoors. They nest in high places like ceilings and picture frames. They can be moved into homes or buildings using boxes and used furniture.
  • German cockroaches can be found indoors in moist, warm areas like cracks or crevices in bathrooms and kitchens. They love appliances that are running. German roaches, like the Brownbanded Cockroach, are attracted to running appliances.
  • Oriental cockroaches love cool, wet environments. They prefer to live indoors so they are often found in basements, drains and pipes.
  • American cockroaches prefer moist, cool habitats. They can also be found outside, and they can enter buildings through drains or foundations.
  • Turkestan Cockroaches are found outdoors. However, the males can be found indoors.

Cockroach Treatment

Our service technicians have extensive experience and are trained to correctly identify different species of cockroaches. Correctly identifying the species of cockroach is the first step in effectively treating an infestation.

Our technicians will identify the type of roaches and inspect your property to determine their nesting locations. They will then apply the correct treatment.

Cockroaches are a common pest within Tennessee. You will need to treat them frequently in order to control them. It is important to know what you can expect from our cockroach treatments. The results of your treatment will depend on the species. Roaches can be a persistent pest. Although it may take several months to eradicate a German cockroach infestation completely, it is possible to do so much faster than other species. After the first treatment, you’ll notice an increase in cockroach activity. This is because we’re eliminating them from their breeding and hiding areas. Regular inspections and continued treatments are necessary to control cockroaches. No matter what situation, our technicians will be able to tell you the type of roaches that you have.

Cockroach Prevention

Poor hygiene is not the only reason for cockroach infestations. Roaches love food sources. It is difficult to stop cockroaches from entering your home from eating anything, including cereal, dog food, paper, and cardboard boxes.

Vigilance is key to prevention. Plastic containers can be used to seal pasta, crackers, cereals, and other foods. Get rid of all cardboard boxes. You can replace corrugated cardboard boxes with plastic containers. Install metal baskets into drains. Caulk around faucets to fix leaks. Don’t overwater your landscape.

Each Gemini Pest Control service plan comes standard with a simple guarantee. We will return to your home free of charge if you are not satisfied with our service or feel you need more.