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Cricket Control

You might think that crickets are harmless until you discover an infestation. You will then have to deal both with the constant chirping and the creepy-crawly factor. Many cricket species are found in Tennessee. The most common are house crickets.

House crickets are usually a yellowish-brown or tan color. They measure about one inch. These pests are primarily plagued by the males’ incessant chirping that attracts the females. Additionally, spiders love crickets as a food source. You increase the likelihood of other pests if you have a food source like crickets around. 

Cause of Crickets

Crickets love to eat plants and fungi as well as dead bugs. When food is scarce, they will also eat one another. The area surrounding Clarksville homes is rich in food and water for crickets. Our mild climate and lush landscaping make it ideal for cricket breeding. If uncontrolled, the cricket population can rapidly grow.

Cricket Treatment

The first step in treating a cricket infestation is to find the cricket nests. Gemini Pest Control’s highly skilled service technicians are familiar with where to look. There are many areas where crickets can nest but they prefer humid, moist places. Crickets need to be able to hide during the day in order not to overheat or dry out. Many crickets convert their hiding spots into nesting areas. Common nesting areas are found under block walls and stucco siding.

Our technicians will flush the nest with a flushing agent after locating it. To prevent crickets nesting in your home, we also use a truck-mounted power spritzer.

Cricket Prevention

It is hard to eradicate a cricket infestation. However, there are easy ways to make your home or building more unwelcoming. Start by removing any nesting or hiding places, such as rock piles, litter, and wood. It would be a good idea to trim back shrubs and vegetation 6 inches from your home. Crickets love to nest beneath lantana.

To keep them away, you should make sure to get rid of all clutter and debris in your home. Crickets can hide under tarps and boxes in your yard. To reduce the number nests, these items can be picked-up or thrown out. Seal any cracks and crevices to stop crickets entering your home. Caulk around windows and doors, foundation cracks and walls, and cover vents with a fine mesh screen.

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