Earwig Exterminator

Earwig Control

Earwigs are sometimes called “pincher bugs” because of the shape of their cerci-shaped pinchers, also known as cerci. A single earwig can reach 2 inches in size. There are about 2,000 species. Only a few of these species can be found in Tennessee. They prefer to live in dark and humid environments. They can be found near water fixtures, exterior and interior expansion joints, as well as under rocks and other watered landscaping.

Earwigs are not meant to crawl into your ears to lay eggs, contrary to popular belief. Their pinchers can cause skin irritations that are minor, but not very serious. An unpleasant odor can also be produced by a nest of earwigs. They also eat other insects that can harm plants which can be a benefit to gardeners. They can be a pest if they are allowed to forage and their numbers will continue to increase.

Gemini Pest Control, a Tennessee pest control company, can treat earwigs and other common pests in a pet-friendly and people-friendly manner.

Cause of Earwigs

Earwigs love dark and damp environments.

They love soft fruits and insects just like other pests. They will eat ornamental plants, fruits, vegetables, and other plants if they are not controlled. You can see the earwigs on your leaves. This damage is similar to that caused by garden snails.

Earwig Treatment

Our technicians use a truck-mounted, gas-powered sprayer to reach the nesting areas of earwigs. Our pest control services in Tennessee are top-of-the-line and address both the current infestation and potential nesting areas. This is due to the earwig’s seven-day life cycle. This method significantly reduces the chances of an earwig nest being formed.

After the service call, you will likely still encounter earwigs. This is normal. After our technicians have removed them, they will start looking for new hiding spots. Most customers notice a decrease in activity between 10-14 days. After several treatments, we can usually achieve solid control.

Earwig Prevention

These are some easy ways to prevent re-infestation. Avoid overwatering your garden. This can make it difficult to provide food and shelter. After watering your plants, dry them thoroughly. Make sure your plants are clean and free of debris.

Gemini Pest Control is proud of its status as one of Tennessee’s most respected pest control companies. Gemini Pest Control is proud to exceed the expectations of others by providing exceptional and compassionate service. Our dedication to pest control in Tennessee is what makes us stand out. We only hire the best, and we provide support and training to them. We offer a 100% guarantee on all our services.