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Silverfish Control

Lepisma Saccharina sounds almost like an artificial sweetener. It’s the name that Silverfish was given by entomologists. They aren’t silver, but they can be white or bluish-gray. Silverfish are less than 1 inch in length, but they look very much like catfish. Instead of having fins and pinchers, they have six legs. Technically called cerci.

Silverfish Pest Control

Silverfish, although they don’t swim, are nocturnal, prefer dark and humid areas, and are not swimmers. Pest control professionals in Tennessee often discover Silverfish in outdoor expansion joints and meters boxes. They also like underleaf litter and drip systems.

Surprisingly, the term “saccharina”, which is the scientific name for the Silverfish, actually refers sugar. This is due to the fact that their diet is almost entirely composed of complex sugars and carbohydrates.

Silverfish: Causes

Silverfish are often looking for food, which is the case with Silverfish. Silverfish are not dangerous to your health but can damage some personal property. They are able to eat complex sugars, as well as glue, paper, and family photographs. If they have no other options, they will take in leather or polyester.

These insects are very tough. Even if they are starved, silverfish can survive for more than a year. These bugs are studied by our pest control experts in Tennessee and have been known to adapt to our best strategies.

Silverfish Treatment

Silverfish can often be found in cracks and crevices so it is important to use precision treatments. Our general pest management plans to target areas that are difficult to reach where Silverfish live. These areas can also be served by the equipment.

We are Tennessee’s pest control specialists, and we only use silverfish-controlling products. In addition, we use pet-friendly, environment-friendly, and people-friendly products. We may also use sticky traps (also called glue boards) to control areas where Silverfish are most likely.

Prevention of Silverfish

Silverfish need shelter, food, and water. They love dark and damp areas. It is better to prevent pest infestation by not giving them food and water. It is important to repair any leakage from basements or near foundations. Don’t overwater your landscaping. It should be kept neat and tidy. You can also fix weather stripping around worn or missing doors.

Silverfish are nocturnal so it is important to remember this. You can get rid of these insects by vacuuming any areas where they hide during the day. Cleaning floors and baseboards with soapy hot water can help eliminate food sources. Our Tennessee pest control experts can help you find areas in your home where Silverfish could nest and avoid them.